Can we learn from the Faroe Islands – and their sheep?

We are completely in love with Sheep View 360, the innovative and slightly bonkers method by which Denmark’s Faroe Islands got themselves on Google Streetview.

Whereas Google normally uses cars with pole-mounted cameras to capture street scenes, the Faroe Islands decided to harness the power of some of their 80,000 sheep – and has just won a prestigious tourism award for doing so.

The project began when Faroese resident Durita Dahl Andreassen combined forces with Visit Faroe Islands to undertake a unique sheep-based mapping system, designed to petition Google to put the destination on Street View and unlock the Faroes’ hidden beauty. By mounting cameras on the back of sheep, which periodically captured 360˚ images as they wandered the hillsides freely, Durita was able to upload the pictures to Google maps, thus creating the unique ‘Sheep View’.

Not only did the project create a wonderful record of the stunning islands and get them noticed by millions of people worldwide, but it also scooped the Travel & Tourism Award at the World Media Awards earlier this month.

It got us thinking – can we learn from their low budget, high impact campaign and create similar initiatives for some of our beautiful rural areas in the UK? Have any of these been made already? Let us know in the comments.


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