British Horse Society launches Dead Slow campaign

The British Horse Society this week launched a laudable campaign to ensure drivers slow down when passing horses on the road.

In the five years since the charity launched its statistics-gathering horse accidents webpage, more than 2,000 road incidents have been reported. Of these, 36 caused rider deaths, and 181 resulted in a horse dying from their injuries or being put to sleep.

Unsurprisingly, most accidents occurred in rural areas, and 75% took place because the driver passed too close to the horse. The county with the highest number of reported incidents was Essex.

Lee Hackett, BHS Director of Policy, said: “We are asking drivers to slow down to 15mph when they see a horse on the road. A lot of people aren’t sure how to safely pass a horse when driving, and so we have produced a video showing exactly how it should be done.”

You can watch the video below, or visit the British Horse Society website for more details and to donate.


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