Check your broadband speed with this new Ofcom tool

Ofcom have just released a new tool that allows anyone to check the quality and reliability of both broadband and mobile signal by postcode.

This mobile coverage and fixed broadband checker allows you to quickly and easily check any area in the UK – provided you have a good connection to the internet, of course…

Ofcom recommend this tool when updating mobile contracts, moving home or office, or simply investigating whether better performing packages are available in your area.

Results are displayed on an easy to read map, such as this:balmoral

(In case you’re wondering, the postcode used is that of Balmoral Castle, suggesting that Her Majesty’s Government hasn’t prioritised her access to superfast broadband.)

One thing the Ofcom tool highlights is just how much of the country still can’t access speeds of 2 Mbps, despite the government’s commitment to providing universal access to this speed from December last year. Our search found many areas across the country, including those very close to London, with speeds of 1Mbps or less.


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