Crowdfund the chic alternative to waterproof trousers

Get a bargain and support a new UK countrywear company.

Unless you spend your life on the sofa, it’s highly likely you have a pair of waterproof trousers somewhere. As much as they are essential for outdoor activities in rainy England, however, it’s hard to say that they’re particularly elegant or at times even comfortable.

Enter Marni and Ali, two dynamic women who seek to send the waterproof trouser into extinction with their chic rain skirts. Their company, Filthy Weather, is due to officially launch in October but already has something of a cult following amongst both men and women thanks to the skirts’ versatile nature.

Made from tweed or canvas with an optional moleskin lining, their top-of-the-range rain skirts can be worn as high on the waist as desired and are easy to remove thanks to their velcro fixing. As well as being stylish the waterproof skirts are immensely practical – not only do they allow for freedom of movement but they are also machine washable.

Before their October launch, Filthy Weather has opened a limited crowdfunding round to raise money for the development of a mid-range design that will help them secure a healthy share of the market. In return for donations the company is offering a variety of tempting limited-edition rewards, from postcards and days out to a variety of the skirts themselves.

The crowdfunding campaign is a great chance to support a unique British business – and one which uses only British materials – as well as an opportunity to snap up a bargain. Find out more on Kickstarter, or visit


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