Discover the bird life around your farm this February

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) is urging farmers to spend 30 minutes bird watching next month as part of its third Big Farmland Bird Count, which last year covered almost 1 million acres.

This initiative is designed to record the effect of conservation schemes initiated by farmers and gamekeepers, as well as to gain an general insight into how the birds are faring. Those who take part simply observe and record the species and number of birds seen on a particular area of their farm for half an hour, then send the data to the GWCT.

Participants can also tweet about their feathered friends (ironically) by using the hashtag #BFBC.

The Big Farmland Bird Count will take place between 6 – 14 February 2016 and you can learn more on the GWCT website, or view the 2015 results summary here.




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