Five facts about Wales from the Countryside Alliance election manifesto

The Countryside Alliance has just published its manifesto for the 2016 Welsh Assembly elections, and it’s thought-provoking stuff with some excellent recommendations. The organisation is, for example calling for public bodies to be audited on how much Welsh food and drink they purchase, as well as suggesting that the Help to Buy scheme be extended to cover existing houses in rural areas.

Their manifesto is based on a wealth of data, and we’ve pulled out five key facts you might not know about rural life in Wales:

  1. 33% of Welsh people live in a rural area – the UK average is just 18%

  2. Welsh food and drink contributed £5.7 billion to the Welsh economy in 2014

  3. One third of premises in Wales do not have 3G coverage

  4. The average price of a rural house is £172,517 – compared to £145,237 for an urban house

  5. The value of freshwater angling tourism alone is estimated to be worth over £100 million a year to the Welsh economy

Image copyright: the Countryside Alliance


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