Is there treasure on your farm?

More than 90% of finds are unearthed by amateur treasure hunters, armed with metal detectors and perhaps a dream of making their fortune or uncovering something of historical importance.

But where to go to and how to begin? The money-saving experts at have revealed the top places in the UK to discover hidden treasure.

From Galloway to Gwynedd and Scarborough to Suffolk, there is treasure hidden across the British Isles, just waiting for you to discover it. Findings across the last century include Roman coins, Anglo Saxon Gold and Viking silver worth an eye-watering £1.35m, but never fear, there are still hoards lost booty just waiting to be discovered.

1. King John’s Crown Jewels.

Legend has it that King John’s Crown Jewels were lost in the Wash, Norfolk in 1216. King John was trying to suppress a rebellion and made a trip through the boggy Norfolk fens when the baggage carts carrying the jewels sunk into the silt, since then it has become one of the most sought after treasure troves in the world. King John died a few days later of dysentery, it really wasn’t his week.

2. Golden Idol.

The Golden Idol is a large statue made from solid gold, supposedly hidden in the lands around Ash, Kent. Some say its myth and some say its fact, but there is only one way to know for sure…

3. Cromwell’s Wealth

Turns out Oliver Cromwell was pretty rubbish at keeping hold of his treasure. He is said to have hidden some of his valuables in the wooded area of Mildenhall Warren, Suffolk as well as losing up to £2.5bn worth of treasure when a fleet of 60 ships which sank while fleeing Dundee laden with goods belonging to some of Scotland’s wealthiest families in 1651. The fleet, under General George Monck, Oliver Cromwell’s military commander in Scotland, found themselves in a storm and their whereabouts are still a mystery.

If you think finding treasure is impossible, take comfort that in 2016, 1,000 coins from the English Civil War were discovered in a Lincolnshire field and it is the largest hoard found from that time in the UK. The coins were once owned by various monarchs, including Edward VI, Elizabeth I, Mary, James I, and Charles I!

If you want to become a master treasure hunter get studying. Brush up on your local history and invest in a metal detector and who knows what you might discover.

On the off chance that you don’t unearth Saxon gold this year, you may need some financial wisdom to help you manage your money. For more money saving advice and check out the wisdom section for some straightforward and simple advice. Happy hunting!

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