Should those with slow broadband receive discounts?

Matt Powell, Editor at Broadband Genie, discusses their latest research into rural broadband satisfaction.

Despite repeated assurances from the government and millions of pounds of investment, rural broadband in 2017 is still not up to scratch for many homes and businesses in the countryside.

Broadband Genie recently conducted a study into broadband satisfaction around the country, which included a heavy focus on rural internet services.

In general, the majority consider their broadband connection to be adequate for their needs, however there is a noticeable difference between urban and rural areas. While just 19% of urban broadband users were unsatisfied, 34% of rural users said their connection was not up to modern standards. When it comes to speed, the difference in those who said they were unsatisfied was 9% urban and 17% rural.

Poor broadband connectivity can have a major impact beyond simple annoyance. Internet access is increasingly relied on for everything from shopping to managing finances, and those without good broadband can find themselves at a disadvantage. This is especially true if you’re trying to operate a business.

But there is a wide recognition of the problems facing rural broadband users. 47% of those queried in the survey said they did not feel the government had been doing enough to help rural communities. And 79% agreed that those suffering from slow internet should receive a discount. However, only 20% said they would be willing to pay more for their broadband in order to subsidise upgrades.

Matt is editor at, a broadband information and comparison site. 


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