There’s an eagle on the loose in Kent

No, it’s not a promotion for the upcoming film about Eddie the Eagle – there is actually a bird of prey on the loose in Kent after it escaped from a Valentine’s Day show in Dartford. Named Rex, the bird is a Steller’s sea eagle and was last spotted near Maidstone yesterday.

With a wingspan of nine feet, the Steller’s sea eagle is one of the largest raptor species and is capable of carrying of prey of up to 13lbs. Dog owners in the area are being warned of the dangers, with some choosing to keep their animals inside until the eagle is recovered.

Rex’s owners, the Eagle Heights Wildlife Park, also added: “Rex is not dangerous but should not be approached or touched. If you see him just watch him from a distance and please call us immediately.” Their telephone number is 01322866577.

The residents of Kent are no stranger to exotic animals being loose in their midst. Last December a lion tailed macaque escaped Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury, and there are regular sightings of big cats (whether real or imagined) across the county.

Photo credit: Steller’s Sea Eagle head by Mark Dupont via Flickr


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